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Pine Waste is a very valuable and natural material that should not go to the garbage. Pine Sawdust and Pine Chips produced from pine trees which mostly are used as a pad in poultry farming.


Our products are preferred by countries / companies that use pine products because of the fact that Turkey has an important pine tree forests in the world which contains high quality pine trees.


Poor quality or mixed with foreign materials pine products cause diseases and often deaths in poultry, thus causing economic losses of the producers.


Because of the natural smell of the pine tree,  pine products do not perceived as bait by the poultry and never been eaten.


Moisture, particle size and weight, shape, etc. of each of the pine product vary according to their use.


Our products are produced with exact specifications which demanded by the buyer, all are packed using special bags and there are not any foreign or harmful material in it.

All our products obtained from high-quality pine trees which we are completely guaranteed.